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The heart of Mighty Man Ministries beats to see lives transformed and individuals living powerful lives in Christ as they pursue their passions and callings. Proverbs 23:7 teaches us that “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” What you do – good or bad – is the outflow of the condition of your heart and your self-perceptions. This ministry exists, not merely to radically set men free from bondages of lust and pornography but to empower individuals to pursue their life’s calling and purpose.

The One true Mighty Man, Jesus started by calling 12 men and giving them a picture of God that was radical at the time: a loving father who calls us as sons. This identity as sons of God who can know the heart of the Father, princes of the Most High who are unconditionally loved and accepted by God is was a catalyst for culture change that completely revolutionized the entire world. That call hasn’t changed 2000 years later and god is looking to raise up a generation of mighty and radically on-fire lovers of Him who will change the world again.

“Men’s struggles” is just the starting point for our ministry. But it should be noted that it is an essential starting point because lust and internet pornography is perhaps THE most epidemic threat to this generation of men when given the fact that, according to virtually all statistics, more than half of all Christian men are struggling with this singular issue. If there were a physical disease affecting more than half the men in our churches, we would consider it to be an epidemic. This is the reality of the condition we are facing in our time – and the epidemic is escalating every year, devouring lives and callings, families, the innocence of our children and the holiness of our pastors.

The very same foundational identity change and heart transformation in Christ that serves to set men free from the bondage of sin is also the natural platform that, once in place, serves as the launching pad to live an empowered, purposeful, passionate life seeking after God, fulfilling your dreams and impacting the world for the Kingdom of God. Mighty Man Ministries seeks to blow on those embers of the heart – to find the men who hear the call and say, “Yes! I will be a mighty man in my generation.”

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